Rightful Compensation For Injury Victims

At Carter Foreman PLLC, we know the struggle after suffering a personal injury is real. There are added bills at a time when you cannot work due to your injuries, and you may worry about your long-term prognosis. Our firm is here for the communities of Spring Hill, New Port Richey and the surrounding areas, and we can pursue compensation for all types of personal injuries.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Even if a car crash only results in a fender bender, it can injure the car’s occupants in ways that impact their daily lives. Accidents between cars and motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians can be especially damaging, and victims often need resources for an extended recovery period.

Premises Liability

Property owners and managers need to keep the public areas of their premises free of hazards that could cause an accident and injure a visitor or patron. Wet floors without warning signs and poorly maintained parking lots causing slips and falls are examples of property negligence.

Defective Products

Manufacturers of consumer products have the responsibility to make sure that their designs, materials used and manufacturing methods create a safe product. When products cause injury or death, those responsible must be held accountable.

Work Injuries

Employees count on their employers to ensure the safety of workplaces and work processes. We help clients leverage resources available to injured workers, including workers’ compensation and the possibility of civil litigation.

Wrongful Death

The wrongful death of someone due to the negligence of another is a tragedy that leaves loved ones devastated and often in financial distress. Our firm provides aggressive representation to clients grieving the wrongful death of a family member.

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