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Carter Foreman PLLC offers complete estate planning and probate services tailored to your needs. From offices in Spring Hill and New Port Richey, our firm can help ensure that your estate plan is legally recorded and structured to your advantage. Following are some common estate planning tools. Contact us to learn more.


Creating a will is the first step in developing your comprehensive estate plan. The existence of a valid will can prevent your estate being allocated to beneficiaries by a court instead of by your wishes.


A trust is a flexible tool that can be personalized to address your particular situation and goals. With a variety of options, an attorney can draft a trust to designate beneficiaries of property or help you institute a charitable trust.

Powers Of Attorney

A power of attorney allows you to name an agent to make certain decisions for you, such as administering your financial commitments or making health care decisions on your behalf. Some common forms of power of attorney include:

  • General
  • Limited
  • Durable

Enhanced Life Estates (Lady Bird Deeds)

Informally named after President Johnson’s wife, a Lady Bird Deed (enhanced life estate) can offer an opportunity for your Florida real estate to avoid probate. This type of legal instrument sets up a real estate succession that automatically transfers the property to the persons named on the deed. This approach does not affect Medicaid eligibility as other deeds can. Also, this approach can avoid the state’s claim for Medicaid reimbursement after the property owner’s death.


Our firm also offers legal acumen, representation and support for families going through the probate process.

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