Focused On Your Family’s Needs

When contemplating divorce, it is essential to think about your future and consider what marital assets will need to be divided. What do you and your family need to move on with your lives in confidence? The family law attorneys at Carter Foreman PLLC will listen to you to determine what your needs and goals are and work with you to develop a strategy to move forward.

Elements Of The Divorce Process

In addition to the actual divorce decree, other aspects of the divorce process can make an impact on your future. Our firm is known for providing results in the areas of spousal and child support. Well-versed in facilitating negotiations regarding parenting plans and visitation matters, our lawyers will keep your priorities in mind and vigorously defend them in court.

Factors that could influence the amount and duration of a divorce-related settlement include:

  • Years married
  • Children
  • The type and amount of assets accumulated in the marriage

Putting Experience To Work For You

Our attorneys will let you know what to expect regarding possible outcomes. We have a particular experience with high-asset divorces and understand the complexities involved. If your divorce is acrimonious because your spouse is not cooperative in the settlement process, you do not have to settle for less. Our lawyers can provide aggressive representation in court if needed.

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