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How to succeed during divorce negotiations with a difficult spouse

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | Family Law |

Divorce is a complex, emotional process that often brings out the worst in people. In many cases, conflict arises during this process.

These three tips can help you succeed during divorce negotiations.

1. Put the emphasis on interest and the stand taken

A spouse may draw a firm line concerning how much alimony they are willing to send, creating conflict when the other spouse refuses to budge on how much they will accept. Rather than focusing on the positions, align the interests of each party to develop a more creative solution. The problem could stem from an insecure financial future for both parties, and by identifying the reason behind the position, it is easier to negotiate equitably.

2. Decide to understand before accuse

Emotions run high during a divorce, and these can cloud your judgment and perception concerning the other party. Seek to understand the emotional triggers of the spouse and allow this knowledge to respond more appropriately to any hostility or unreasonable demands.

3. Remember the impact of the relationship

For divorces involving children, the impact of your anger, resentment or hostility negatively affects the children. Remember that there are others who have a vested interest in how the divorce takes place and the relationship that will exist when it is over.

When there are children, high-value assets and property to divide, each party lays claim to what is most important and highly desired. Although the court will determine the final outcome of the divorce, the process flows more smoothly when the parties and their attorneys are able to settle the details without intense arguments.