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Everyone has a duty to care

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2019 | Business & Commercial Law |

All kinds of business establishments have the duty to care for their property to keep it safe for visitors. Through regular property maintenance and posting a warning sign for conditions that could potentially be dangerous, a retail establishment like a restaurant, grocery store or hotel can meet their duty to care. However, what are the responsibilities of private premises owners?

Private property rules

Owners of private residential property also have a duty to care for their property so that visitors do not get injured. Visitors to your home, whether invited to an event or showing up unannounced, need to be warned of any dangers you know about on your property, such as an uneven walkway. Anything that you can do to make your property safer for you and others such as making entryways well lit or repairing broken handrails reduces your liability.

Responsibility to children

Even if you have no young children at home or even live in an adults-only community, you have an added responsibility to keep children safe, even if they have wandered onto your property without your permission.

Owners of swimming pools need to be compliant with their municipality’s rules regarding fencing around their pool, and even if a warning sign is not required, it would be a good idea to post at least one. Always make sure that your fencing is locked to prevent easy access to the water.

Take caution with pets

A dog that is usually well behaved can lash out at a stranger when feeling afraid. Children’s unpredictable behavior can also cause an ordinarily friendly dog to think it is being attacked. For this reason, make sure you always use a leash for your dog when you go for a walk and that your dog’s yard is always well-secured.

Keep safety concerns at the forefront of your mind when considering home maintenance priorities. Doing so can help reduce the chance of you or a visitor becoming injured from conditions on your property.